The team

Emily Cornelius Ruhs

Postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History

Passionate about wildlife ecoimmunology, disease transmission and life-history trade offs.


Morgan Walker

GIS Specialist at HealthLandscape

Passionate about spatial epidemiology, zoonotic disease ecology, disease transmission and avian ecology.


Dan Becker

Assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma

Passionate about zoonotic pathogens, aeroecology, macroecology, and ecoimmunology.


Andy Davis

Research Scientist at the University of Georgia

Passionate about migration biology, morphological indicators of animal fitness, conservation and physical ecology.


We would also like to thank Cynthia Downs, Samantha Oakey, Lynn Martin, and the students at the University of South Florida and Hamilton College for their early contributions to this project.