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The goal of this project is to create an extensive list of all publications that reference Aves and Chiroptera white blood cell counts, H:L ratios and parasite burdens. White blood cell counts and H:L ratios are a measure of innate immunity and can shed light on animal health and disease burden.

What to include

We are interested in ALL papers that include data on bird and bat species and either white blood cell counts or parasite presence/intensity. Not all papers will have both WBCs and parasites - they might have one or the other and that is okay! You will find papers with only one species or multiple species. If a paper includes multiple species, you can include the data as long as it is broken up BY species. We do not want values that average many species together (i.e. if they look at values for chickadees and sparrows, the WBC/parasite values should be listed for both chickadees and sparrows, individually).

  • We are interested in baseline values of WBCs. Baseline means that animals were unmanipulated. That means that we are not interested in values after an experimental manipulation (i.e. food restriction, immune challenge) or if an animal is infected with a disease (other than blood parasites). If the study has two experimental groups, control and manipulated, you may use the values for the control birds.

  • We are including data on breeding,molting, and migrating birds.

Enter the following data using the template available here, using the instructions provided here. If data are not available for a particular cell please type ‘NA’. After data are entered, please e-mail the spreadsheet and any reference/manuscript pdfs to We will be updating the website quarterly.