About this initiative

The goal of this project is to create an extensive list of all publications that reference Aves and Chiroptera white blood cell counts, H:L ratios and blood parasite burdens. White blood cell counts and H:L ratios are a measure of innate immunity and can shed light on animal health and disease burden.

This project came to fruition after the team did numerous literature reviews to put our data in the context of other studies or published values. We therefore, saw the value in creating a free, publicly available database to maintain and share with others who also work in the realm of animal ecoimmunology and health.

If you do utilize this dataset, we ask that you cite our scientific data paper:

Cornelius Ruhs, E, D.J. Becker, A.K. Davis and M. Walker. In prep. HemaScope, a publicly available database on leukocyte profiles and blood parasites across vertebrates.