Original data descriptor paper:

  1. Cornelius Ruhs, E, D.J. Becker, A.K. Davis and M. Walker. In prep. HemaScope, a publicly available database on leukocyte profiles and blood parasites across vertebrates.


Other publications:

  1. Cornelius Ruhs*, E., D.J. Becker*, S.J. Oakey, O. Ogunsina, M. Brock Fenton, N.B. Simmons, L.B. Martin and C.J. Downs. Body size affects immune cell proportions in birds and non-volant mammals, but not bats. Journal of Experimental Biology.

  2. Martin, L.B., E. Cornelius Ruhs, S.J. Oakey and C. Downs. Leukocyte allometries in birds are not affected by captivity. Journal of Experimental Zoology - Part A.


Our team is open for collaboration or consult utilizing any of the data listed in our database. We believe this is a broad and far-reaching resource that could be utilized to answer a variety of questions in ecology, ecoimmunology, migration and spatial biology. If you have an idea for a paper/analysis or have questions please reach out to any of our team members!